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Bird / Pigeon Netting Installation

By April 27, 2017January 24th, 2020No Comments

Birds are one of the very awesome creation of nature colorful, charming and chirping. They are jewels of sky. They sins songs in the morning. But these birds sometimes pose a serious threat to nature beauty & hygiene of our society. Their droppings are highly acidic and contains around several type of parasites, So they become serious concern for health issues and aesthetic beauty of Buildings / places. Even their endless chirping sometimes add up as become irritation as they sometimes create a noise pollution especially in the areas like Residences, hotels, Factory Sheds, hospitals, educational institutions, Swimming Pools, Airports etc where their noise / existences is just unwanted. But now we are here with a solution for you, answering all questions and queries related to birds proofing.

The main value of nylon pigeon nets in an urban environment where the protection of buildings is concerned is that it will blend in with the appearance of the building and maintain the aesthetic quality of the building concerned. Nylon bird netting and pigeon netting is used to eradicate a considerable number of different species of birds including pigeons, gulls, sparrows, starlings etc., with a different gauge of netting being required for each species of bird. Bird nets and pigeon nets most used in the agricultural sector, which vary considerably in size and type dependent on the target species concerned and the type of crop or environment to be protected.

Most types of nylon bird netting and pigeon netting that are used for bird proofing work. That are made from either polyethylene or polypropylene that has been stabilized against ultra violet light. The most common type of netting used for bird proofing is polyethylene UV stabilized net with a 12/6 twine. A flame retardant net is also commonly offered and a majority of the various types and sizes of net can be fire-retarded on requirement. Nylon bird nets and pigeon nets are available in a variety of different colors translucent. A range of colors are offered for bird proofing applications in order that the net will blend in with the fabric of the building concerned. Installing nylon bird netting or pigeon netting in a bird proofing application is a complex operation and must be well thought through prior to starting work.