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Safety Nets

How to Make our Balcony and Deck Area Safety for our Kids/Children?

By April 27, 2017January 24th, 2020No Comments

It’s important to make sure that area, before childproofing your deck is not accessible by your child, not freely accessible. Although decks and balconies can be a beautiful and relaxing element to any home,but at the same time they can pose serious dangers for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. After all, kids are generally curious and unaware of danger, a combination that is highly precarious. Young children may easily become trapped between railings or even worse, slip through and fall.

So it is important to always required the safety of your children at every stage of their growth, considering that their capabilities for problem solving grow as they get older. A balcony is a platform built above ground level that comes out from the wall of a building. If more than 1 m above ground level it should be surrounded by a balustrade. A balcony balustrade is a barrier that is naturally made of metal or timber bars. Glass panels are also may often used.

Lock and Block Sliding Doors are child proof gates are designed to stop little kids from even getting to the deck or balcony area without your guidance. Designed for sliding glass doors, they allow you to keep your child inside, while still being able to have the actual sliding door open. but this would cost you approx. Rs.500-800 per sqft, in which may cost around 20k.

Door Alarms are many types of door alarms available for childproofing doors to balconies and decks. Some buzz or make a loud sound when a door is opened, letting you know that your child is trying to go out. Most are very easy to install as they come with double backed sticky tape for attachment and run on normal batteries.

Safety netting is made from plastic and it is durable in nature. It is a mesh style netting that is specifically designed for outdoor use and is very easy to install. You can fix it quite easily with scissors and secure it directly to the deck floor. It is usually secured using screws or plastic cord ties or staples, although staples are not recommendable as they can become loose and pose a choking hazard.

However you have decide to childproof balcony and deck areas safer, make sure that the installment follows the manufacturers guidelines and that proper maintenance and safety checks are done to any equipment or materials in place. And don’t forget that kids proofing these areas is only one step.